Client Testimonials

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I began working with Lori during what was an extremely low period for me: my marriage was falling apart, I was unsatisfied with my career, and overall I wasn’t as at peace with myself as I felt like I could be.

Did Lori directly change all of this? No. She did, however, help guide me to find a greater appreciation of myself. She helped open my eyes to how I could live my life with more awareness and acceptance. And most importantly, I learned how to find the space to set aside personal judgement and be ok with loving myself.

My life consists of two distinct periods: the time before I met Lori, and the time after I began to work with Lori. To be honest the first part wasn’t all that bad, but not a day goes by that I’m not immensely grateful for all that I have gained and the fantastic directional changes my life has taken since we began working together. My life, previously confusing and a bit scary, is now filled with joy, love, music, and difficult but rewarding challenges. Lori has been integral to all of this and I will be forever grateful for the pivotal role she has played in my life.

- G.K., Former Client


Lori, your name always brings to my mind and heart the one person who showed me complete love and acceptance. Your beautiful spirit touched my soul and brought me to a place of healing that I didn't think was possible.  I was so lost, dear Lori, and you were the angel sent to bring me to wellness. I know that you will continue pouring out your special gifts and will help many hurting souls.

- G.M., Former Client



My journey with Lori began over 20 years ago. As with many that seek help I was in the midst of a crisis. At the time I had no idea of the importance one person was going to play in the healing process of my life. With her assurance, grace and love I was able to face the pain of healing.

From surviving sexual abuse to the darkness of alcohol and drug addiction Lori was always a shining light throughout. No matter how I was feeling about myself or how I saw the situation I was in, Lori always saw it through eyes of Love. I knew that the time spent with Lori was a safe harbor from the challenges life has. In looking back at my journey up to this point I can say that I don’t know if I would have survived without Lori’s unconditional love and presence. She’s the best. Thanks Lori.

- K.M., Former Client


My work with Lori was amazing.   She helped me find a loving, wonderful marriage and a fulfilling new career.  I have let go of so much of my past pain and have great joy and peace in my life now. Having been a survivor of sexual abuse, my work was deep and difficult.  Lori had not only the expertise to help me, but I knew I could trust her.  She more than listened to what I was saying, she really cared.  Each time I had a session with her was I able to leave feeling better about myself.   

Lori has a calm, confident nature and an amazing skill in helping people really make change in their lives.  She possesses a great understanding of people and their emotional needs and challenges.  Lori has such a gift in listening and putting things in perspective.  She is a wonderful therapist and I completely recommend her. 

~ G.G., Former Client

I started working with Lori because I was ready to deal with all the pain I had been holding onto for many years.  I was a client of Lori's for 5 years and through our work together I grew into the person I longed to be and never knew was possible.  I have become a person that I value and love, someone special and strong.  My heart was hurting for a long time before I connected with Lori and began my journey through healing.  She helped and guided me to reach inside to the core and release all the pain I had held there for many years.

Lori is very nurturing and genuine. Her soft caring approach was like a mother, friend, protector, teacher, supporter and listener to me.  I felt safe to be vulnerable.  She cared about me and I could feel her rejoice in my steps to happiness and continues to.  It is a comfort to know she is someone I can turn to if I need help and support.

This was the first experience I had with therapy and I was extremely fortunate that I found Lori to help me.  My life has changed in so many ways that would not have been possible without the work I did with Lori.  She helped me beyond words.

~L.B., Former Client


Lori was my therapist for about three years, while I went through a divorce and all the emotions I lived through surrounding it.  In my case it wasn't the divorce itself that was so difficult.  It was more the rejection and abandonment by my narcissistic mother, who vehemently opposed it.  Issues from my childhood clouded my every being, so much so that many times I couldn't remember why I was upset or crying.  Sometimes just sitting in Lori's presence, not knowing what to say while I just cried, her gentle caring for me filling the room, was all I needed.  Eventually, through her thoughtful and loving therapy, Lori helped me "remember"; she helped me form tools that I'd be able to use on my own, a sort of "bread crumb trail".  So when I'd feel lost or confused, I'd be able to piece myself back together.
That was seven or eight years ago.  Without Lori's help back at that time, I wouldn't be where I am today, living a wonderful and creative life as a full time artist.  There are certain people that are Angels among us.  Lori is undoubtedly one of them.
L.L., Former Client



Lori is a warm, compassionate, and caring soul.  She has a really amazing way of reaching out to you with every part of herself.  So that you feel heard and felt and free to really go as deeply as you need to in order to release your most painful feelings and memories.  She also has great insights and uses a variety of techniques to help support you in emotional growth.  She is a truly gifted healer.

C.M., Former Client




Lori Opal initiated the transformative power of reflection in my life.  In a cocoon of safety I dared to reflect upon my darkest doubts and deepest fears.  With the power of her amazing presence, she lifted the veil obscuring my own beauty and strength.

With Lori, therapy proved to be a profound gift on every level.  My heart, mind, body, and spirit joined forces for a renewed commitment to life.  I am full of gratitude for her skill as a therapist, compassion as a teacher and mentor, and as a guide on the blessed road to recovery from the slings and arrows of this one precious life. 

~ L.A., Former Client