Consultation Testimonials


The first time I was considering taking on a private practice intern I consulted with Lori. Through our conversation I came to understand more fully the complexities and responsibilities that come with this role. Very quickly I was able to determine that this was not a position I wanted to take on at that time. A year later when I revisited the possibility, I again contacted Lori and she walked me through several bookkeeping scenarios that helped me with the decision of being ready to tae on a private practice intern. On both occasions I found Lori to be very knowledgeable ad willing to share her expertise with me. 

-Y.G., Marriage & Family Therapist


I have consulted with Lori on many occasions. Her supervisory and clinical expertise has been a wonderful resource for my interns and myself. Lori has a calm and grounded presence, which allows deep exploration and vulnerability. When I turn to Lori for consultation about a supervisee, I know I will receive helpful insights, ideas and a gentle guidance into new ways of approaching emerging material. Thank you Lori!

- G. R., Marriage & Family Therapist 


Lori Opal is an outstanding private practice internship consultant.  She is knowledgeable about ALL of the various requirements for setting up an internship and making sure it runs smoothly. She was able to help me understand the estimated costs and guided me step by step in dealing with the business aspects. (malpractice insurance, worker's compensation, etc.) Lori is very aware of dealing with the dynamics, which can occur, in the supervisor-intern relationship and gives solid and grounded advice. She is prompt in responding to requests for help and certainly made the process workable.  I wholeheartedly recommend her.

- S.R., Marriage and Family Therapist


I am a licensed MFT and I have consulted with Lori for the past four years. She is warm, and invites you to explore the deeper meaning of the psychological work that is in process with you and your clients. Lori is insightful, thoughtful and capable of looking at the therapeutic relationship from many different perspectives. She frequently offers questions to ponder together that highlight important themes in the work. I feel that I have benefited greatly from her consultation and can recommend her highly. 

- D.M., Marriage and Family Therapist