Couples & Families Testimonials


My divorce was the worst thing that ever happened to me and Lori helped me (and my now ex-husband) understand what had happened and why we couldn't stay married. Divorce isn't easy but Lori made sure that we were both given a caring place to love, learn and heal. Lori's virtual sessions were essential due to my travel schedule. She taught me many skills that I use to this day. I am eternally grateful for Lori's support. 

~ B.P., Former Client

When my partner and I ended up in couples therapy, we were lucky that we found Lori.  She had a way of both acknowledging the work that we were going to need to do and held hope for a much brighter future.  We learned that our individual unresolved traumas were detrimental to the relationship we truly wanted.  Her style of individual sessions combined with couples sessions really worked for us.  This way we could do our individual healing and then bring it back to our relationship. 

I am thrilled with the results of our work with Lori, and can still hear her voice saying, “This is a no shame, no blame zone.”  She created sacred healing space, and we were able to use it to the fullest.  Obviously, my wife and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of caring support!

~Y. W. & M.L., Former Clients