Intern Testimonials

I worked under Lori Opal as her private practice intern for three years. I came to Lori after a traumatic employment experience that left me feeling emotionally depleted and unsupported. I was needing a safe place for me and my clients to land so that I could regain my strength and try to move forward. 

Lori has shown a tremendous ability to deeply and unconditionally support me through every season of my internship - times of crisis, times of growth and times of stability and abundance. She has enriched my therapeutic training by sharing her depth and transpersonal psychology perspectives as they’ve related to complicated client situations. Lori also possesses an amazing skill for the business side of private practice and has helped me grow my case load to it’s fullest capacity. I’ve thrived in ways I never imagined that I could under Lori’s guidance. 

I’m forever grateful for her nurturing presence in my life which has benefitted me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I would not be the therapist I am today without Lori.  

- S. B., Private Practice Intern


Lori Opal was my private practice supervisor for three years. My experience was extremely positive and I would strongly recommend her as a supervisor and mentor.  

 Lori became my private practice intern supervisor just as I graduated from my masters degree program and I stayed in this position until I successfully passed both licensing exams. As a brand new therapist in private practice I was in need of a supervisor who could not only help me understand the business aspects of growing a private practice, but also help me mature into a competent, confident therapist. Through her support and balanced direction, Lori was able to help me accomplish both of these things.  

 Lori advocated for me through a rocky transition in my practice and through her encouragement taught me to advocate for myself. She gave me the perfect amount of space to grow with direction to truly develop my skills and provide good client care.

 In three years as Lori’s intern, I grew from being an unseasoned therapist to being someone ready to face the joys and challenges of owning my own private practice. I would recommend Lori to any enthusiastic intern desiring to build a private practice in a very supportive environment.

- S. Z.. Former Private Practice Intern


I have had the honor of serving in a private practice internship with Lori for a year. 

During that time Lori helped guide and support me in finding a much deeper sense of myself in the role as therapist. By the end of my time with Lori I felt a deeper trust in myself, a profound integration of many aspects of myself which I feel powerfully continues to affect how I show up with myself and my clients as a therapist, healer and human being.

I am grateful for Lori's strong encouragement of my taking risks to find out who I truly am, to trust my instincts, my excitement, my passion, my knowing. My sense of self and my trust in myself is much greater because of it.

Her Light, love and laughter stay with me still as I continue on my professional path. I am forever grateful for my time with her and her presence in my life.

- D. F., Former Private Practice Intern


Lori was my supervisor during my year as an MFT trainee in practicum and her support was invaluable. She encouraged me to be true to myself and guided me in uncovering my own style as a therapist. Her warm, open and honest style made sharing vulnerabilities easy and her gentle nudges encouraged my continual growth. Our discussions were always engaging and productive, and helped me hone my skills and become a more confident therapist. Lori also provided me with great, practical information about being in private practice and moving forward as an MFT intern. 

I became pregnant for the first time midway through our year together and Lori's understanding of pregnancy and how much it influences all aspects of life was such a gift. She anticipated, shared and supported the wide range of feelings, thoughts and experiences associated with my pregnancy. 

I'm so grateful and appreciative to Lori for her support during my first year of practical training as a therapist. I can't imagine having had a more positive and supportive supervision experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Lori as a supervisor, consultant or therapist.  

- C. M., Former Intern, Pierce Street Integral Counseling Center


Lori Opal was my supervisor during my year as an MFT Trainee in practicum. I am incredibly grateful for this experience. Reflecting back, I believe she was the best possible supervisor for me as a beginning therapist.

Though I interviewed several prospective supervisors, Lori was the only one to whom I felt a strong gravitation and attraction. Here unconditional support, warmth and positive regard were evident even over the phone. I intuitively knew she would provide a strong and gentle holding for me, my clients and the entire experience of practicum. Sure enough, this was the case. Lori was consistently present, open and encouraging. She recognized the areas I needed to work on, and brought her attention and support to these places. I never felt judged; instead, there was constant encouragement and holding. As a therapist interested in a transpersonal orientation, Lori was a wonderful resource for me. She is transpersonally knowledgeable, grounded and aware.

One of Lori’s greatest strengths and skills as a supervisor was her ability to help me connect to my own wisdom and experience. Instead of providing direct answers to my questions, she encouraged me to explore where these questions were coming from, and how I could use my own experience to access solutions. Our work together was a highly co-creative and relational process. Not did we do deep work together, the experience was always a fun and enjoyable. Lori has a wonderful sense of humor, and I treasured our opportunities to both explore the shadows and depths as well as laugh together. It is for all the reasons I have outlined above as well as her countless intangible qualities that allows me to feel comfortable recommending Lori as a supervisor.

- D.K., Former Trainee, Golden Gate Integral Counseling Center


Working with Lori for the past two years has been a profoundly impactful experience for me. My initiation onto the path of becoming a therapist has been challenging, deep, heartful, and full of complexity. Lori truly understands what this work can ask of us, and she has honored and held space for my process in a way that has helped me to feel safe and supported in my vulnerability. Through her warm, nurturing presence, Lori has offered me a place to unfold the fullness of my experience. On this journey I have learned that it is our willingness to explore our own complexity that grows us as therapists, and Lori embodies this wisdom beautifully. I feel deepest gratitude for Lori’s guidance through this initiatory process.
~ S.F., Former Intern, Golden Gate Integral Counseling Center

Lori Opal was my supervisor in a private practice internship over two years - and a happy two years it has was!  Prior to meeting Lori I had interviewed with a number of other potential supervisors and was having trouble finding a good fit.  What really drew me to Lori (besides her warm and caring personality) was her genuine interest and commitment to supporting me in becoming the unique therapist that I am.  She was very clear about wanting to help me develop my own particular therapeutic style, even where that might differ from her own approach.  At the same time, she was ready to challenge me as well as to offer wisdom and guidance.

An important aspect of private practice internships is the business relationship between intern and supervisor.  Another thing I have really appreciated about working with Lori is her clarity, fairness, and attention to detail around the business relationship.  I am grateful not only for the peace of mind this has provided me, but also for the example she has demonstrated.

Lori has been a huge help to me over the last two years as an intern, both professionally and personally.  She invests herself in the role and responsibility of supervision with grace and presence.  I feel genuinely lucky to have had Lori as my supervisor and I will continue to recommend her to my friends and colleagues.

~ S.G., Former Intern