Supervision & Consultation

Virtual or in person Sessions, in Berkeley & SF


Once an aspiring Therapist has completed their Masters Degree, but before they can begin their professional career, they must complete a post-degree Internship, and accumulate 3000 client and training hours.  I support aspiring Therapists as a professional Supervisor during this final stage of their development; I help them begin to shape their ideal practice.  Holding all the business, personal and clinical aspects that will impact their careers.  I set my interns up for success in their own Private Practice, once licensed, it is an immensely rewarding part of my work.

Interns seek me out to supervise them for the same reasons my clients choose to work with me ~ my reputation for creating safety, encouragement and insight.  I take great pride in supporting these professional clients as they find their voice and confidence with which to express their unique style of offering a healing presence to their clients.  I have been Supervising for over 17 years.

I currently have space for one Private Practice Intern, as well as one Intern in my non-profit agency Prajna Psychotherapy Center.  If you have interest feel free to call me, I have an article about Private Practice Internships in my Resource section that I recommend you read before we talk. (see below)

I am also a Consultant.  These clients, who are already fully licensed Psychotherapists in professional practice, seek me out to guide them as they learn and master new skills, techniques and areas of specialization with which to expand their practices.  I am often sought out to help Therapists understand all the business aspects that are involved in taking on Private Practice Interns for the first time.


The curious paradox is as soon I accept myself just as I am,

Then I can change.

~Carl Rogers